6 New habits to incorporate anno 2019

23rd March 2019

I wanted to combine a list of 6 habits I want to incorporate into my life when I go from living in my current apartment alone in Denmark, to living in England with my to-be husband in just over 3 months. It's getting here sooner than I know!

Why this list though?

Because I have some current habits that I would like to have but aren't possible in my current situation. Let me explain:


This habit is probably the one I want to change the most. I want to let go of my current overuse of my phone.

However, I'm obviously online a lot as it's understandably one of the requirements of being in an LDR and this is the only way to be together and communicate between seeing each other.

Our daily routine is usually to call when my boyfriend is home from work, and then talk until night time, falling asleep 'together' while on a call, phone by my side, and waking up together before leaving for school and work.

Meaning that I usually have my phone next to my head or on my pillow, even, for 7-11 hours sometimes.

That's a lot, and screen time is hard for both the eyes and the brain!

Luckily I already sleep pretty well, but I'd be much happier knowing I spare my brain and eyes (especially since I'm already a contact lens user) by putting away the phone and computer and putting it to airplane mode, which is what I'll be able to do, when my S.O. and I can actually physically sleep next to each other. I cannot wait!


I'm not good at getting my yoga in. My exercise I do quite easily, however, yoga isn't yet my strong side.

Maybe due to my poor balance and flexibility, I lack the feeling of being grounded. I also prefer doing yoga in company rather than alone, and with open blinds and windows, letting the outside and the freshness help me out (or even better do it outside) - now hear me out...

I live on the ground floor in a very public campus.

There's tons of people at all hours of the day - and the last thing I want to do is show them exactly how poorly I hold my balance. Yes... I am indeed embarrassed, especially whilst I'm alone as I'm even more sensitive to embarrassment!

I found that in a lot of ways the English culture is either more open minded, or they simply care less. I never feel judged or looked at weirdly whenever I'm doing something in England.

I'd not even be scared to go do yoga at a public park, because heck, someone might already be doing so!


I love to read. I always have.

It has the ability to shock me as much as calm me or teach me, depending on what I'm reading.

I love reading girly books or books that'll teach me about my interests. In short - I just love reading. But I feel like I don't do it enough.

I want to find a balance where I read a little every day, ideally before bed to get in a positive and calming mood, but not reading too much otherwise I won't have anything left for me to read, as I'm quite a quick reader.

It's like trying to enjoy food really - slowly.

However, again, being in an LDR, I spend most of my free time or alone time with my boyfriend rather than reading, because he and our relationship is my priority right now, seeing as the distance is so great.

When the distance isn't a problem anymore, I can much more justify reading, knowing I have him next to me instead. He also added that he'd love to read more himself, and I applaud that a lot.

What coziness couldn't it be to read together!


I'm unfortunately not in a position where I can afford to purchase organic-only foods, even though that would absolutely be my preference.

When an organic cauliflower is £2.38 - yes, you heard me ONE cauliflower head is over 2 pounds - then I have to value quantity over quality, because quite simply...

I need to eat.

My daily budget is right around the £3.45 mark so everything absolutely counts! When we're together, and two people working and two people to pay bills, we can also much better afford to buy organic.

I'd also love to start buying items in bulk, because it's not an option in my area. We don't really do proper farmers markets in the country, and the normal grocery stores are riddled with plastic, and, bulk stores not really being quite a thing yet.

Denmark aren't and probably never will be first movers, and definitely not in that aspect either. Whereas, I know it's a greater possibility in England. And I cannot wait!


A good and solid meal plan will ensure several things:

  • that you keep on a healthy track,
  • you save because you can buy bulk
  • buy discounted
  • you'll be less wasteful both in regards to buying less plastic and buying more seasonal and local, and waste less food in general

Going out of my way to find plastic-free alternatives to the items I'm gonna be cooking throughout the week is important to me. Even if I have to shop at several stores. Most places are close enough to each other to get around and about on a bike.

It also keeps things exciting and I do like making meal plans, but they often work better if you have a somewhat stable routine - something I don't quite currently have with my life nor my budget.

I'm currently already doing the best I can with buying plastic free and trying to always ensure I use up all the food in my fridge.

Other than that I'm very much a fan of a good, solid lunch. Your middle-of-the-day pick-me-up, that'll keep you running for the rest of the work day!

I'd love to prepare healthy and delicious lunches for both me and especially my S.O. Nothing makes me happier than knowing those I love are well-fed.

It may sound dumb, but for the longest time ensuring that my partner was always healthy has been important to me, because as I tell my boyfriend: I want you to be around for as long as possible. And that's just both much easier and more likely on a healthy diet!