90 Days Meat-Free//Health Update

2nd May 2019

A poplar saying is that it takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle (however, this is an individual thing and people are different, some create lifestylechanging habits withing less or more time than that - I googled' it y'all) However regardless being vegetarian for 3 months has been making some changes.

"It takes 21 days to create a habit, and 90 days to create a lifestyle."

After seeing horrifying video of the cruelty in the industry, I decided I was done for. I could not pay another pay a person to slaughter an animal that doesn't want to die. And so - I didn't. I never looked back, I just stopped. Sure, I had craving, especially for my guilty pleasure which is seafood. But knowing that all seafood is full of microplastics (it's unavoidable) or horribly farmed fish that harm all other sea-life too, and we do not yet know what microplastic do to the body when ingested, because we're the first generation to have this problem. Tell you what? I don't want to find out, when it's too late. For all we know it could be harmless, but it could also be dangerous to our health and wellbeing. It's rather be safe than sorry.

Besides, watching a man hack off the whiskers on a live lobster with no remorse, causing the lobster to wiggle and freak out made me nauseas. He hacked off whisker and only after would he shove the knife through it's neck, finally killing it. How could he justify causing it extrusiating pain (it was more than obvious it felt plenty pain...Trust me.) and only then killing it? I wanted to slap myself for having had lobster as a favorite dish.

So then: No meat, no seafood, no dead bodies in my living body. For 3 months straight. How's my health doing?

  • I feel no guilt when I go to bed
  • I've shifted from cage-eggs to buying off of a private person that have a few in the back garden, being fed normal, organic food and not antibiotics etc.
  • My gut is healthier and I suffer less stomach cramps (I've had daily stomach cramps for years now)
  • I eat more greens, less junk
  • I've lost 6kg since I started
  • My skin looks better and I suffer from less oily/dry and acneprone skin
  • I feel better overall
  • I feel happier and I eat both better and healthier
  • I've learned a couple new dishes, and I have plenty more I want to try in the near future
Before going vegetarian VS. after. I'm slimmer, healthier, more refreshed. But I've been happy from start to now! (I've just gotten smarter)

I've made a deal to consult my doctor about getting my bloodworks done so I know I'm getting all the protein, calcium, iron and vitamins I need, and make sure I'm in perfectly good health - and if I'm not, make sure I change that.

As we're going into the month of May I set off a goal to eat vegan for the entire month, so I'm hoping it's a possibilty. Now, is there any con's with the pro's? Yes, but maybe not those you'd expect - however they pros far outweigh the cons:

  • In my small town here it's near impossible to go out and eat vegetarian. I've gone to some places: eating sushi - and having almost nothing but plain avocado or cucumber sushi, which is boring and really messes your stomach up. Having eaten vegetarian pasta - then had the unpleasureness of finding a piece of bacon in it... Never again. Went to get a quinea-burger at an American fastfood chain, and it was ghastly. Had a soyprotein-burger at Burger Shack - was okay, but my homemade beats it by miles. 98% of the cafes and restuarants here have NO - I repeat NO dishes without meat. Some 'hip' cafe suggest the "vegetarian platter"... containing salmon. What vegetable is salmon again?
  • It's making people confused, apparently. I've been asked if I still eat fish/seafood, if I eat cheese etc. And then ruder comments like I'm boring and a bother, because I won't eat animal organs. Welp, so be it. Support is tough to find, so I'm glad my hubby is such a great support.
  • I fear eating out. Lots of places messing up my orders, accidently putting meat in my food, suggestion fish etc. makes me realise that people actually have no idea what a vegetarian really is, and I don't want to go out and eat in fear that they'll accidently give me meat.
  • I fear backlash. At the moment there seems to be a mountain between vegans/vegetarians and meateaters. I was overwhelmed with critique by a middle-ages man (a friends family member) because I didn't eat meat... This coming from a man that suffered colon cancer, which is a cancer commonly caused by... you guessed it - meat, red and processed meat especially, plus a bunch of other healthy-issues related to his heart that are also heavily linked to eating meat. As well as being obese... Which is linked to eating meat.

Despite the backlash from people that clearly aren't nutritionist (and neither am I) commenting on my lifestyle that affects no one but myself and that I've spend hours researching, I still enjoy being vegetarian. Here's to a vegan May!