Zero Waste

Doing the #trashtag Challenge together

24th April 2019

While my baby was here for an entire week, we had some goals and dreams in mind to make the most of the time we had here. One of the things I really wanted to do, was to complete the #trashtag challenge (a viral challenge mainly on Instagram, where you clean up a very littered area). On my running route there's a little section that's overly littered and it crushes my heart to see it every single time. So we decided to clean up for all the young people and adults that supposedly missed the trash can ;-)

It took around 3 hours and 4 giant trash bags to clean the small area from all the litter, but regardless, I now know every time I run past, it'll be groomed from rubbish!

It was a stunning day and somewhat hot outside (17C), giving both of us some pretty bad burns. Don't forget your sunscreen, and lesson learned: Don't underestimate the early Scandinavian sun.

I'm super satisfied with our result and happy my boyfriend would spend these hours at hard work with me, to make Earth just a tiny bit greener.