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Goodbye to the last plastic shower-gel

10th April 2019

Yesterday when I took my shower, I could also finally celebrate using up the last plastic shower-gel (or cream in this instance) that I had!

Before starting to lower my waste, I was very much a part of the massive consumerism and materialism industry.

Cute packaging? Lots. Harmful chemicals? Who cares! Brand names Important.

Or so it used to be... I've now gotten a zero waste shower-gel-"bar" that I love, but made it a personal goal to use up what I already had... which, shamefully, was a lot.

It was in fact most of the Bilou shower foams (my best guess is 10+ over all) and a couple miscellaneous ones.

The very last one just ran out today - say goodbye to my Ted Baker Shower Cream.

You will forever be the last time I have purchased a plastic wasteful showergel. I honestly think showergel is one of the easier transitions.

I still have things to go through that'll take ages. Shampoos, conditioners, all sorts of beauty products, all of which I purchased before I knew... or cared. But we change.

I want to add a very important note: If you're trying to minimalise your waste DO NOT THROW OUT OPENED ITEMS THAT AREN'T FAULTY TO PURCHASE A ZERO WASTE ITEM INSTEAD.

I cannot repeat this enough: use up what you have and THEN look into a zero waste/low waste alternative.

If you leave your opened items that still have value to buy new, you're still over-consuming and creating twice the amount of waste. Therefore, use up first.

If you find this a little difficult perhaps look into what in the beauty community is known as "panning"/project pan. It's a project to use up the makeup you have before running out to buy new.

This amazing concept can easily be applied to shower items, kitchen items, etc..., when it comes to lowering waste. Makes for a good challenge too if you find it hard to use up items!

Another way to get rid of plastic if you dislike it to be in your life, is to either donate (unopened for hygienic purposes) items or give opened items to friends or family. If they can use it up and you can, you both still win - you can then also gift them a zero waste product after they're done and give them a push in a better direction. ;-)

I've given away many products, especially beauty electronics (straighters, curlers, hair dryers... I own not one anymore!) to friends and family, and what hasn't been used or could be sterilised I sold.

I minimalised, I made some money, better choices and I overall felt a whole lot better after doing so.

Being able to say good bye to my shower-gel felt like a victory, it's been a long time. But it's giving me motivation to continue with the rest of my shower 'till I can call it 100% zero waste, and I cannot wait!

Here's the rest of the mess though: (Because I believe in honesty when it comes to our waste... we're not perfect!).

I've yet to use up around half a giant bottle of Head and Shoulders, half an Origins mint shampoo, an almost brand new Bed Head Shampoo (this is one of the items I'm heavily considering to give away), 80% of my current shower-foam and then I have another back-up, half of my hair mask, a tiny bit of my conditioner and half of a store-bought salt scrub in a glass jar.

It's quite some, but slowly but surely we will get there.

Next step to say good bye to is definitely the conditioner and the hair mask. A couple more washes and they'll be gone too!

A quick photo of my bathroom cabinet shows the products I'm trying to use up, right by my toothbrush so that they're unavoidable and serve as a daily reminder.

An eye-cream (may have two uses left - I've already used up two other massive eye-creams, so I'm so glad!), about half a moisturising mask that I use as a daily moisturiser since my skin is horribly dry and then 80% of an Origins deodorant.

With that, you can tell I'm far from there, but I'm not at all where I used to be, with is something I'll show in a blog post very soon!

No more time for chitter chatter - I have stuff to use, so that eventually... I'll have less stuff.

Best of luck to all of you that seek to limit your waste in whatever possible way you can!