My obsession with facemasks and the truth about them

13th April 2019

If you're a hoarder or collector and you think minimalism couldn't ever be for you.... Then you're me a few years back. Within a few year I downsized my collection of beauty items from perhaps 50-100+ items (I honestly lost track of the number, my home was flooding in products) to just 7 basic products that cover my entire beauty routine.

The first tiny declutter (I barely threw out anything). The start to my complete downsize of products.

This is a picture from a few years back. Many, but far from all my products was shoved into a massive box, and every time I needed something - you guessed it - I couldn't find it in the overflowing box. So I decided to do my first ever declutter of what I loved so dearly: beauty and collecting.

I kept everything in there. Samples, shower-gels, self-tanners, makeup removers, waxing items, moisturizers, cleansers, serums, toners, hair masks, shampoos, conditioners, fake nails, oils, foot creams, face masks, parfumes, nail polish removers, scrubs... You name it and I probably had it. I then also kept a mountain of makeup at my vanity and another mountain of what I then considered "essentials" in my shower and bathroom. There was stuff everywhere I looked.

You'd think I'd be a lot more beautiful what all those items! But all I got was stressed out and frustrated in a circle of loving the hoard and not wanting to downsize, but never finding and having what I actually needed and using up money because what I had was never enough. The circle of hoarding is so hard to break, but when you're there, there's no looking back.

A common skincare-haul back in the day. Often times wasteful single-use sheet masks

Even when in the beginning I'd downsize heavily, there was one thing haunting me. I loved skincare with all my heart, despite (or maybe because) of my horrible skin. I'd use either sheet masks or a regular facemask at least 2-4 times a week. It was part of my pampering, and I pampered often because beauty meant so much to me.

Problem too was that I'd get facemask that looked cool, entertaining or different rather than those with actual good and healthy ingridients. They were filled to the brim with weird chemicals and fragance.

My last super-toxic masks now gone. Only have a few Lush facemasks left.

So what's the truth? Well, my obsession with improper skincare actually made my skin worse. Pimples, redness, extreme dryness and skin that fell off in flakes, it looked worse every single time I did something that was meant to make it look better. I largely believe it's because I have minor allergies to many unhealthy things, but also because... Well, what's the best way to keep a customer returning? Give them more skin issues, so that they'll buy cream to fix their skin, you get the point...
Is this malicious? Sure, but it may very well be true, but there's nothing confirmed but a few personal stories from online and friends/family of the same happenings.

I decreased the amount both daily and weekly, decluttered my collection and gave away the things that literally caused redness and dryness and sometimes pain to my skin. It was hard letting go... Some of the mask cost anything between 60 - 115 pounds and they did nothing good for my skin.

My current skincare routine is a little messy, because most days I try and use up some products that my skin don't mind, but they're still heavy in un-friendly environmental chemicals and they're in plastic packeging. I've sought out for a minimal, plastic-free, natural skincare line, and I went to Lush as it's an easily accesible store, however I might not stick with it forever, but as of right now I do enjoy their products and they're mainly natural, however sadly still fragrant.

Changing things like my diet, skincare routine and getting birthcontrol to control my horrible hormonal nightmare all helped to clear up my skin - here's my skin progress from then to now. There's no more active pimples, only scars left from what was once there, and I don't mind too much, they'll hopefully fade over time. But I'm far happier in my skin as of today!

Skin progress. Before: Overdoing chemically-heavy skincare. After: Simplified skincare routine, healthy diet + excersize and hormonal control

I'll ASAP make a more detailed plastic-free full on skincare/beauty routine for the blog, as soon as I've used up my current items, and I'm super excited!