Rosie Reads: Book Review “You do you” by Sarah Knight

8th May 2019

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Short resume: A non-selfhelp selfhelp book. Has a very 'young' mindset and wording, which isn't quite in my liking. Within it's around 300 pages it takes you through how to deal with people that'll judge you as a person and the decisions you make and how to simply stop caring because, quite frankly, you're too busy being you, to worry about people thinking you're weird or in the wrong. It's definitely something I myself struggle with, and so I thought this book could give me a minor kick in the bum, however, for a non-english speaker it was occasionally sort of hard to read and written in a confusing manner. It's nice and positive, but really wasn't my thing and especially the kind of semi-immature language it's written in really kills it for someone like me who's in it for learning, facts and not so much "modern and hip" talk. I wouldn't re-read or recommend it.

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