Rosie’s Early Winter Morning Routine (Healthy & Productive)

23rd February 2019

At 6.30 AM my alarm beeps and tells me that I've made it yet another day! I'm more of a morning person than anything, and I have been ever since my teenhood stopped. No, not the 4.30 on a saturday morning-person, but more or less the 6.00 am on a day to day, and maaaaybe a 7 or 8 am morning person on the weekends. You know, a girl's gotta live.

6.30 am - Wake up and shine

FIRST OFF: Make your bed. No, really. Before you do anything, just make your bed. You'll feel successfull and accomplished from the morning AND you come home.... To a made bed! Also: Open up your window in your bedroom and get in that fresh air, no matter what. Do this while you have a sip of water, stretch or splash some water in your face.

I like to kickstart my day early and exercise. Why? Because in reality I'm actually lazy and I know myself good enough to know that when I come back home from school or work the last thing I want to do is exercise. So I get it done and over with in the morning. Thinking smart and tricking my own lazyness!

I also work out better in the morning since I'm not full of food roaming around in my stomach making me a miserable, nauseas mess. That means that my alarm goes off 6.30 AM, and at 6.45 AM I'm dressed in my workout gear and either headed out for a morning still-dark run or an inside cardio or strenght-training pilates video.

I strive to run for 20 minutes, which with my speed is 2km, or in other terms around an easy 200kcal, not counting the 5 minute walk-warmup. If I am inside working out I strive for 30 minutes. Today it was a dark run!

Now, I apologise for the quality of the pictures but my poor Iphone SE already isn't the best camera and the artificial light isn't helping it, but that's what you need when you wake up before the sun rises.

I tell you, it's really not appealing to open your blinds to utter darkness, it makes me feel like I'm waking up in the middle of the night. So here's some tips for waking up early if you live in the northern countries where winter means darkness till like 3PM.

How to wake up early (slightly easier)

  • Don't overdo it. If you're currently someone who snoozes 'till 10AM, then don't make the mistake of feeling super motivated and wake up at 6.00 AM sharp. Ease into it, and slowly get your body into waking up 30 minutes earlier than the day before. I started at 7.30, I'm now down to 6.30 and ideally I want to reach 6.00 AM
  • Find out why. This will give you the motivation to actually get up and get out of bed. If it's meaningless to get out, then why would you? Set a morning goal. Do you wanna exercise? Be creative or get some work done? Spend more time on your looks, get a nice, long shower, cook a more complex morning meal or why do you want to get a headstart on your day? Find out why and let that be your reasoning for getting out!
  • No snoozing. Everyone will say this, and it's the truth. Your body feels so much heavier when you snooze that button. When your alarm goes off, take it off, and get out. If you want to, spend five minutes scrolling through notifications, but after that, get out of your bed.
  • Prepare the night before. Say your goal is to exercise, then put out what you'll need the night before - like your clothes, weights, shoes, etc. If it's there staring at you it'll almost guilt you into it because you know - you don't even have the excuse of not being bothered to find it. So whatever you'll need to do your morning routine, take them out the night before!
  • Get some fresh air - even if it's cold. Gear up and make sure you stay warm, however nothing is fresher and better than the morning air. If you're able to get out there and go for a brisk walk or a run, do that. If you can't get out, open the windows and air out everything.
  • Get proper nutrition if I don't have a powerful breakfast, then I really don't work for the rest of the day. Now when I saw powerful, I don't mean a lot of food, my breakfast is the smallest meal of my day, but it's undoubtly the most filling one. As promised before: I will

7.15am Post Running

When I come back fairly sweaty but so much more energized, I pop into the the shower, quick and preferably cold to cool back down - yes, in winter too. If you're freezing while running outside, wear more clothes (or run a little faster... no, just kidding!). I really just get in, scrub off the sweat with a nice smelling soap and hop back out and into clean clothes, ready for my breakfast - and for the rest of my day.


Taking shorter showers is also better for the environment. Taking colder showers can help you cool down but it also refreshes you and it's healthy on your hair and skin. It also improves your circulation, aids weight loss and has potential speed up recovery from your workout. Now there's no excuses!