Plant-based Food

Trying to Eat Vegetarian for a Month

8th May 2019

I was always a fussy eater. I had literally no reason, and yet I'd favour foods that I felt comfortable with. It makes no sense, right? Exactly! And then date night after date night with Rose, she slowly started to inspire me to try different foods of all cultures. Squid... sushi... curries... soups (nothing beats her wholesome, veggie-packed Tom Kha!), and I felt great. I loved it, and for the first time in my life, I felt like I was getting past something that I've aimlessly restricted myself to.

After a couple of months of being together, Rose decided she wants to become vegetarian. I'll never forget the videos she sent to me that heavily moved her towards not wanting to keep eating meat. They were awful, and whilst they weren't nice at all to watch, it didn't change anything for me - I knew the industry was rough (although not quite as bad as some of the videos were showing).

Anyway, moving forward... I found that you could always read about how a husband isn't supportive of their partners journey in many lifestyle Facebook groups, whether it be for minimalism, zero waste, veganism or whatever else. Rose, being in more of these groups than me, read posts like these more often than I did, and it really showed initially as she constantly expressed her worries and repeatedly asked me to tell her if it was getting annoying, or if I was falling out of love with her because of it. Which is ridiculous! How could I ever not love my little plant powered girl?!

I hated that she felt this way, and I immediately tried my best to be as supportive as I could be. I found that whilst doing so, I started to become more mindful of what I was eating myself, and I, without really realising it, had unintentionally cut down my meat consumption a fair bit just because of that! And you know what? When I realised that, it motivated me even more.

I'm not going to lie to you, the changes were slow. I didn't immediately wake up and feel inspired to cut all my meat intake out, no, not at all.

It was a series of realisations that led to where I am now. It takes a certain 'I can do this' feeling to really get you going, and I remember exactly when I felt that for the first time myself. It was in Manchester, when Rose and I were together for the first time after a couple of months. We visited a Vegan Diner ( for a dinner date. I ordered a 'beef' burger, and Rose ordered a 'chicken' burger. 

I promise you, the minute I first took a big bite out of that delicious burger, everything in my body just craved for more. It was that good! And this was the first time I had ever eaten properly vegetarian/vegan in my entire life - it was fucking amazing. That right there was the moment I needed, and ever since then, I was on a journey to becoming vegetarian. 

Not only does it taste good... it feels good. It's junk food, yes, but it's not an oily mess of cow dropped on your plate that would moo angrily at you if it wasn't slaughtered.

But regardless, I still ate meat over the months that passed, albeit less than before, but still, there's no use in justifying it... meat tastes good, but I had other reasons to stop eating it.

My big 'fuck this' moment came when I was in Denmark recently.

We built up a small list of movies/shows to watch when we're together, and managed to finish both 'Cowspiracy', and 'Forks over Knives'. They were great! I really learnt a lot and came away feeling satisfied at investing the time into seeing them. But I also had this unshakeable feeling that I want to feel good with the foods I eat... and the more I thought about it, eating a plate full of meat just makes me feel exceedingly full, to the point where it's not enjoyable.

It pushed me over the line and when Rosie suggested we focus on a 'health' month together, I felt it was my time to try it out and become a vegetarian for a month!

So far I've noticed many great changes. I'm sleeping earlier and waking up feeling more refreshed, and it's only almost been 2 weeks at this point! My goal is to continue this trend and make it a lifestyle change, because I want it. There isn't going to be any cruelty in our household!

I'm definitely going to make a follow-up post once the month is over, and who knows... maybe it's already in the process of becoming a lifestyle change for me?