WYTCK? What is actually in my meat?

7th May 2019

Photo: Egon Hye

Welcome to the first exciting post of the new category "Why isn't this common knowledge". Important knowledge that isn't commonly taught in school, so I look it up and see what the fuzz is about.

First things first: Other than the cruelty behind the meat, which I know some people don't care for (trust me, I was one myself. Empathy is learned!) what else is really in the delicious beef on your plate? Other than the obvious - let's not sugarcoat it - animal flesh. Well, a whole lot more than you may think you bought and brought home... And it's terrifying things that won't go away just with a bit of heat and a healthy body to process it. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

I am not a professor nor a doctor, so please: Take this information from those who are. As Dr. Donley explains in an interesting but gruesome reply, that just like we're having pesticides in fruit and veggies that aren't organic, we're having pesticides in the animals we consume. How does that work though?
Say, we have pigs, cows, chickens and whatelse commonly consumed animal. They live mostly off a grain-based diet, and those grains are sprayed with pesticides.

However, since these grains are given to animals they're sprayed with more than 100 times stronger pesticides than the veggies, grains and fruit sprayed to give directly to humans.

Not convienced yet? Well other than pesticides - which, despite being toxic and unhealthy - are legal, you may also find illegal or banned drugs in your meat, more so than we ever thought before.

Hundreds of samples of poultry, beef, and pork appeared to show residue of drugs that the government says should never be used in food animals. Other samples had evidence of drugs that must be out of an animal’s system by the time it is slaughtered. The samples came from producers large and small, and included meat destined for supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and elsewhere.

You're therefore not safer anywhere, not your home or in the public. In fact you're better off putting down the knife and letting go of the meat, if you want to avoid putting drugs, pesticides and other disturbers into your body. It's better for you first of all healthwise, as your risk of certain cancers, heartdiseases and much more is lowered severely when you cut meat out of your diet. - and the environment and animals will thank you.
We, as humans, are not meant to consume these pesticides, drugs and harmful chemicals, and we're not meant to get them through our system. The list of benefits from eating organic fruit and vegetables is almost endless, where as the benefit of meat really only comes down to protein and B12. We are however, able to get B12 from some non-animalbased foods and in this modern world, artificial B12 is also made as a vitamin pill or even a doctors shot.
Studies also show, that the human body may not be able to actually get protein effeciently from animals, but rather from plants.

What are your thoughts? Did you learn something new today? When I read about all of this, I sure did, and my motivation for being vegetarian was at an even higher!

Eating my version of unhealthy fastfood at the vegan-only Junkfood diner V Rev Diner in Manchester - a favorite of mine!